WooCommerce Military Discount

WooCommerce Military Discount

About Plugin

Simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use plugin to drive more sales for your online store. According to wikipedia, there are 1 million military workers and veterans in US alone! Offering a discount for military workers and veterans can be helpful to acquire new customers and produce more orders.

Admin Live Demo

Shop Live Demo

Note: Add a few items to the shopping cart. Then go to the shopping cart, where you will see the section ‘military discount’

How it works / Features

After installing this plugin you will see a new area in cart where customer can enter their email ending in .mil

Also in this section you can download the picture ID. After complete order – the discount will be applied to the order, and added to the user’s account if it is registered. If the discount is obtained using the picture id – the downloaded image can be seen in the order details page.

Email verification

After customer applies for a discount and enters their email, a unique link will be sent to their email to verify eligibility. After they click on the link,  discount will be applied.

ID picture verification

As an alternative to email verification, a customer can upload a photo with a military id. The buyer will immediately receive a discount. The administrator can cancel the discount in the order details and delete the image if it does not match the military id

User View


Admin View

Custom discount rate and text

In the admin side of the store, store owners can modify text, style, and percentage in discount