WooCommerce Student Discount

About plugin:


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Simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use plugin to drive more sales for your online store.

According to wikipedia, there are 50.6 million students in US alone!

Offering a discount for students can be helpful to acquire new customers and produce more orders.

How it works / Features:

  1. Discount area in Cart

After installing this plugin you will see a new area in cart where customer can enter their university email ending in .edu.

  1. Email verification

After student applies for a discount and enters their email, a unique link will be sent to their email to verify eligibility. After they click on the link,  discount will be applied.

  1. Custom discount rate and text

In the admin side of the store, store owners can modify text, style, and percentage in discount


  1. *Soon. Support for 10000 universities worldwide.

Currently, we support only students that have emails ending in .edu (Most US universities) If you need this plugin to work worldwide we are developing a version that will check against a database of universities worldwide. If you need this version now, please send us an email to askarru@gmail.com and we will send you a dev version.